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Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's It Worth?

As I affixed a stamp to one of my B list invites this evening, I wondered exactly how much had we spent on postage so far, with all the mailings we'd done.

The price makes me wish it was proper etiquette to send things out via e-mail.

  • 120 Save The Date Large Postcards (sent before postal increase) @ .40 = $48.00
  • 120 Custom Made .42 cent stamps @ $15.27 set of 20 + shipping = 76.36
  • 120 $1.00 Stamps to mail invite = $120.00
  • 25 Thank You Cards for Bridal Shower (1st one) @ .42 = $10.50
  • 15 extra stamps for RSVP's @ .42 = $6.30

Holy crap! All I have to say is, I didn't budget for postage when we started this whole process. I didn't find anything about it in ANY magazine, Martha artical or anywhere else for that matter!

Simply put my advice to any new bride planning - weigh your invites, calculate the postage and budget for it!