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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moms Got A Dress

We went in to the shop today for my sisters' fittings and I hoped my mom would try something on too. She did, though the one I liked she didn't care too much for and just by sight she didn't see anything else worth bothering with.

I was slightly panicking because the wedding is 4 weeks away and if we ordered any dress it wouldn't come in for 6 weeks....not to mention alterations. We were just about to leave shen she saw something she liked. And it was perfect for her!

We bought it right off the rack, and she's having it hemmed on Saturday the day of my last fitting. I'm so excited that she has it, I know she's not picky when it comes to things like this, but she does worry if she puts things off too long.

Here's a peek:
(photos from of Davids Bridal)


Blablover5 said...

That looks really elegant.

My mother was dead set on finding something that was green and we lucked out as a department store was having a major sale and she got hers for $20. Just a bit more than the flowers girl dress.

Amber said...

Well it's better then the dress my mom wanted before she picked this - it was a wedding dress! And it wasn't like "big" but she just couldn't understand why she wouldn't be allowed to wear white to the wedding....

sdave001 said...

And she looked far better in that dress than the model did. Your mother was absolutely stunning (yes, I may be biased but she WAS)!