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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Of Coordinator

This is Jennifer:

Isn't she pretty?! I snagged this from her Flickr album..so you all could see the amazing girl who is saving my LIFE!

I made Jennifer's wedding invites not to long back, in fact she was my first bride I made invites for after doing my own.

ANYWAY - Jennifer is going to be my Day of Coordinator for my wedding. She's working for a discounted, undisclosed amount of money ;-) And in turn saving my budget and my life with all the chaos that I know is going to go down that day.

I'm meeting Jennifer for coffee this evening to discuss the details. I'm thinking about bringing "mug shots" of the people she will need to keep an eye on. LOL.

I can not wait to meet her! And see all the awesome wedding pics she's bringing to show me as well!


Amber said...

Hiring her as your coordinator will be the best money you spend! Seriously!! You won't want to worry about ANYTHING on the day and she will be able to handle all of the stress!

. said...

I love when resources are used...especially the ones where "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" are used. :o) I'm sure she'll be one of the best investments of your day!