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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

John, Paul, George & Ringo

Ah, The Beatles.

I heart The Beatles.

I'm not one of those mega fans that oozes with info about each member, down to their current weight and the amount of change in their pocket. I'm just, a fan. I own most their music, an original Abbey Road record (which my father is currently holding hostage with my 1987 Homer Hankie) and I decorated my daughters room with the John Lennon collection when she was born. Her mobile played "Imagine".

Ok, I'm more then a fan. I'm a bit obsessed but whatever, at least I can admit it.

That being said I knew that I had to incorporate The Beatles into my wedding somehow. Not only was my soon to be father-in-law a one of their concerts (how cool is that!) The Beatles are British, along with the family that I marrying into and my in laws adore their music as much as I. It's only fitting that we bring them in somehow!!!

I got my nod to them in the wedding itself with some music being played. I'll be walking out to Here Comes The Sun. And this is how I got them into my reception: My Wedding favors. Clear Glass LOVE coasters, in pink tulle bags.

"All You Need is Love" is one of my all time favorites, and fit perfectly with our wedding! Since I can't have my dream exit from the wedding (click here to see it) this will have to do.

I made the tags myself, of course. cut them out and adhered them to a piece of black card stock to make it more sturdy and then tied it on using the pull strings on the tulle bag. Again then cutting is the most tedious part - and I've still got about 300 squares to cut, but it will all look great in the end!


. said...

I'm not really quite sure how I came across your blog, but I've been enjoying your posts! I'm a huge beatles fan myself...believe it or not my 'rents gave me the middle name of Ono, after Yoko Ono. Yikes, huh. LoL. Love your tags! They look great!

Just to be fair, my blog is: http://weddingpoop.blogspot.com/

CaliOC said...

What kind of paper did you print the tags on? Do you have any advice for printing on Stardream paper???

Amber said...

I printed on Stardream, all my stuff is printed on it.

I would suggest if you're going to print on it to use a laser printer, or if you have to use inkjet - don't try to cut for a few hours after if not the next day - to let it dry.

My invites were done on laser and the rest all on my inkjet - so I've done both and it comes out fine.

Ginger Bride said...

I AM A HUGE HUGE FAN OF THE BEATLES! Im so glad we have that in common! Love the tags you made. Im so stealing it!

Amber said...

Steal away - if I could change anything about them though I would have made our names a bit bigger...;-)