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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Need Another Pool Table

Our poor pool table, has been given a life of providing storage since the wedding planning began. It holds everything wedding related, from the files, to the mock centerpiece. My reception Converse Shoes and the Groomsmen gifts. I've recelntly had to begin stack upwards now and wanted to share with you my chaotic collection of wedding day items - get ready it's a mess:

Here it is straight on:

And from Either Side:

Mr S did not find it funny when I called him at work the other day to tell him I think we needed another pool table. What!? I'm out of room! Now I have to start stacking on the floor around it ;-)

3 more months, and we'll be able to play a game of pool again, that is if I can unload everything that comes back from the reception with me!