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Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just couldn't think of a better name for this one. Because after months and months I finally got my wedding shoes! They have everything I wanted, lower heel to help me from NOT falling flat on my face down the slanted isle, sparkle and BLING!

I was supposed to go shopping last night with a Bridesmaid for shoes, but due to some money restraints, I canceled. Then, when Mr S came home from his business trip later in the evening he told me to take the credit card and get them if I really wanted them - and I really wanted them!

I just have such a hard time spending a significant amount of money on myself, being a mom I generally buy Paige and Mr S stuff long before me. Especially on something that I will only wear once....ok if I keep talking about them like this I will return them....

So here they are, my one large self purchase in months, possibly a year....my $74.00 wedding shoes, I bought them from Zappos they are by Coloriffics, style 'Carmen"

Oh I love them, I really do. I think I'll probably try to wear them as much as possibly after the wedding, just think me showing up to drop Paige off at pre-school wearing sweatpants and these shoes. Yeah, maybe not. Maybe I'll just sell them on ebay afterwards....;-)


Jenna said...

OK, I just found your blog from the other Amber Grundman's blog. I love the shoes, so cute! And really, $75 for wedding shoes is not that bad, huh?