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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Someone is willing to marry us?

Yeah, finally - I have a pastor to marry Mr S and I. I am highly considering taking out a legal and binding contract with her that states she must marry us with out backing out otherwise she will pay us 1 million dollars and buy us each brand new, matching BMW's.

Sound like a bit much? Well you won't think so when you hear what we had to go through to get a Pastor!

We're getting married at a Lutrean Church, what has 6 Pastor employed. SIX, as in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, - in total SIX!

They ask us to pick one, so we do . Pastor #1 Come On Down, you've been chosen to wed the happy couple.

Pastor # 1 stayed our pastor for a month, yes thats it. I guess he is going to be on a sabbatical the month we get married. Can't blame the guy, so we move on and choose another pastor.

Pastor # 2 Come On Down, you've been chosen as a replacement to wed this happy couple.

Pastor #2 stayed or Pastor for 6 months, actually until 2 hours before we were supposed to meet him for our first pre-marital consoling. And since I'd called months earlier and he asked me to call back after Easter to book something, I was now more enraged at the fact he was bailing because he "claimed" to just realize he won't be in town that weekend. Nope, he will instead be doing a bike marathon of some sort.

3.5 months to the wedding, we've not been in for the consoling and we didn't have a Pastor.

Not to mention the 400 year old woman who is the church's wedding coordinator is almost NEVER in the office and has no clue how to work e-mail.

SO finally I get a call that says one has been chosen for us, but she has yet to call and set anything up with us.....which just makes me more angry....but at least we're on someones calendar for good.

Ug, who would have thought that would be an issue???