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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Lordess Of The Rings

We got the rings yesterday! Yippie! They come from a mall store which we swore we wouldn't do - BUT they look great.

I couldn't find an exact photo of Mr. S.', and we won't have it for a few weeks, as it's Tungsten they had to order it in his size rather then size it in the store.

So use your mind morphing powers and imagine if you will..... The exact band of the image on the right, ONLY with the 5 diamond spaced out like the ones in the band on the right....

They can't engrave on Tungsten, so he'll have to remember our anniversary on his own, haha. I was considering adding my birthday in there too for good measure, but o-well. He'd better start using his palm pilot!

I'm just so happy he found something he really liked, looks great on him and has diamonds in it - because I figure if I need them then so the hell does he!

Now my ring, which we weren't going to get but the price was great and it looked great with my ring, looks a little like this:
It has 11 diamonds in it. They are princess cut, which is not what my engagement ring is but you can tell due to the size of the diamonds in the band. It looks great with it. I should have my ring on Tuesday, so I'll take picture of the two together then.

In the end, my ring with the band will have 22 diamonds total - HOW OBNOXIOUS! I almost feel snobby wearing it - eh I'll get over it ;-)


Amber said...

I must say that we now have similarity #584…our wedding bands are almost identical including 11 diamonds! Well one of my diamonds fell out, and I replaced with a Ruby, (in honor of my grandma whose name was Ruby), but still…kind of creepy! (In a good way of course!)

Amber said...

I will have the band back today so hopefully I can get it, and then get a photo of them together!!! I know it's kinda of hard to see the detail in my E-ring in that photo I posted a while back.