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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lat's Make Beautiful Music Together Part #1

Let's give this blog another try, I tried to do this yesterday and it went all crazy on me. And no, it wasn't the blog operators error! Very funny!

Anyway, back to the blog from yesterday....

Here' Comes The Bride and all that mess, I certainly will not be walking down the isle to that. More power to woman who does, but it is not me in the slightest!

And you know what? Making a list of the songs I refused to have a part of the wedding was much easier then making a list of the songs I did want in the wedding.

Eventually I landed on a great song for my bridesmaids and a great song for me
For my Bridesmaids they are walking to "If You Believe" by Jim Brickman, it's actually a holiday song from what I've been told, but you can't tell by simply listening to it and it's so beautiful I could care less if anyone knew.

Give it a listen: