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Thursday, May 8, 2008

For The Birds - My Card Holder

When I started looking for something to put my cards in at the reception I quickly realized I was going to have to take things into my own hands, or have the same, tired old white satin covered box that has survived since the 80's. And by 80's I mean 1780's!

I really liked this bird cage idea that I had been seeing on wedding boards, but knowing my family I wondered if they would figure out that the cards belonged in the cage, byu means of sliding them through a slot on the top, and not laying about on the table.

So I just made sure that no one could miss it, and in turn jazzed my cage up a bit.

The Supplies I needed were:

  • Bird Cage - here's where I got mine - I paid $11.00 for it!
  • Glue
  • "Cards" 4x6 sign
  • Black 6.25x4.25 backing piece
  • 1.5 yards of ribbon
  • tape

I started by adding the sparkles to the letter "c" on the Card sign. I held the gem with a pari of long tweezers and dipped the back of it into a small pool of glue I had squeezed onto a scrap piece of paper.

NOTE: careful - you really need very little glue, otherwise it oozes out the sides when you press it to the paper.

Then I attached the Card sign to the black backing, using double stick tape.

Then I cut the ribbon strip directly in half and taped it to the back of the card. By cutting it in half I could easily stick each piece through the top of the cage and tie my bow.

It took some playing around with and trimming of the edges of the ribbon but I finally got the right length.

TIP: Want to know how to avoid those ugly frayed edges on ribbon? Grab a lighter and quickly stick the edge (and only the edge) you cut and want the fray off of in, and pull it out just as fast! Only leave it in the flame for a second, just repeat the process until you get the smooth and sleek look you want.

Just don't use a candle or you'll not only de-fray it, you'll get that ugly black residue on it too!

It didn't take much to make this cage what I wanted, and I only did a little thing - you could go all out and weave ribbon through the lower half, hang individual wooden letters from it to spell out "cards" - anything you wanted to make it your own!

Are you doing anything interesting for your card holder?


Amber said...

Your bird cage is so cute! Great idea about adding the sign too. For my wedding I created a 3-tiered wedding cake, and made a slit on the top for people to put cards in. I actually saw one online, and thought I could make one for less money. I think it might of been close, but probably not with the hours I spent working on it. I was worried too that people wouldn't know to use it for cards, but they did! I'll send ya a photo if I can find one handy!

Jenna said...

I am going to use an old suitcase, but I think you are right in adding some kind of sign, otherwise people will have no idea what it is for. Definitely the cutest bridcage cardbox I have seen!

babagrlshell said...

Hey lady- one this I didn't think of on the wedding day was when I was walking around to say hello to all that came to see us, people handed us cards, so remember a little purse or something!!!

Amber said...

Jenna - I would LOVE to see the onld suitcase, what an awesome and cute idea! Never thought of it!

Babagrshell - thank you for the tip I will be sure to do that - and note on it in a blog later on :-) You rock!!