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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Woo Hoo!

Somewhere in the depths of night the hit counter passed 10,000!

Thanks everyone who comes by to take a look, listen to my insane ramblings, and follow along as I get this wedding going with the help of so many around me!

I hope I have more the one person coming by, otherwise I hit 10,000 just checking out the blog myself! LOL.

So a question to all of you out there reading this:

What do you want to see next? With 3 months to the wedding, what should I work on now and show you along the way??


Amber said...

I think you need to keep blogging like you are! If you are getting that many hits, then I think something must be working right. All of your wedding entries have kept my interest…but granted I'm not the most normal when it comes to weddings, since I love them. Keep up the good work!