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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Use of Left Hand Restircted In This Area

Not long ago a good friend of my took me out for a few drinks during her visit back to Minnesota. In all honesty, I'm a stay at home mom, I don't own and cute "clubbing clothes" and at 28 felt really out of place in the bar playing rap music I wasn't familiar with and what seemed to be a bunch of 18 year old around me.

I held a conversation with my friend, screaming over the music. We took turns scanning the crowd for people she knew that were supposed to be meeting us and I hoped that with arrival of more people we might migrate away from the dance floor to a quieter area where we could talk better.

My prayers were answered and we did migrate to the back of the bar. We had a few shots, shared a few jokes, had some beer, did a little dancing and at 1 am, I was picked up by Mr S in the parking lot to head home and sleep.

I felt pretty good about how the night went. Sure I was a bit quiet because I didn't really know the people we were with, but I enjoyed myself none-the-less.

The following night I was hanging out with my friend once more before she headed home. We were sitting around with Mr. S and one of his friend talking and my friend told me that one of her friend thought I was really annoying "flashing my ring around like I needed everyone to know I was engaged"

I was shocked. I searched my memory for any obnoxious hand movements. Did I show my ring to anyone and tell them I was getting married? No.

"What?" I asked quizzically

"Yeah, she said you were flashing your ring around all night" she said it like it was not a big deal at all. SHe didn't think I was over doing my bling, just her friend I guess.

At this point I'm not only a bit hurt but really ticked off . I ran the night back through my head and remember a lot of me shuffling my feet and looking at them, fixing my shirt and running my hand through my hair, pushing my purse strap up on my shoulder - all nervous movements, things I did to pass time as I felt I didn't belong in a conversation about "so and so and her new hair cut", or whatever.

Am I now not allowed to use my left hand because there's a ring on it and I might offend the single? I didn't do anything that I wouldn't have been doing if I didn't have a ring on my finger. And my ring isn't huge but it is very clear and does have an amazing sparkle to it.

I still can't recall a single moment when I was waving my hand about as if to show off my bling, but apparently someone was so incredibly down about her own life that she would come down on me like I was an annoying rich girl showing off hr new toys. Ha dI known I needed to stuff my hand in my pocket to keep from the light catching it, I would have happily obliged.

So newly engaged gals - BEWARE....use of your left hand may stir up controversy and may even possible piss off the single - so be prepared.