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Friday, February 22, 2008

Pass The Plate

Our food tasting is coming up on the 29th and I'm pretty excited. Aside from the fact that I'm totally addicted to food (oh yeah, I'm a fat kid waiting to happen!) it will give me a reason to ditch this diet and snarf down whatever I can get my hands on.

We're attending this glamorous feasting event with Mr S' parents as no one else is available that afternoon. I have to admit I was rather bummed out about this at first, I figured it would be totally fun to share a bottle of wine and show this stuffy country club what fun really looks like. But now, well I 'm just happy there will be more food for me! ;-)

Here's what we're sampling:

Lemon Chicken: Herb Grilled Chicken with a lemon pepper cream sauce
Maple Chipotle Pork Chop: Double cut pork chop with a maple chipotle glace
Halibut: Sun-dried and Parmesan crushed Halibut topped with herbed butter
New York Strip Steak: Topped with a bordelaise sauce

Mmmmm. Food.

My choice is pretty already made, I'm going with the Lemon Chicken. Mr S has to pick the second plate to offer our wonderful guests.

What are you serving at your wedding?