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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wii Shall Exercise

Mr S and I have had a long standing agreement, that when and if we are out shopping and happen to come across a Nintendo Wii, we will snatch it up as fast as possible and run out of the store with it, letting no one else near it. We've been looking and looking for months, with no Wii to be found. Though I must admit, we weren't staking out stores, calling relentlessly and showing up 2 hours before open - so it's not like this was the top priority in life. And on top of that, we don't' "really" have the money for it, meaning: sure we could drop the $250 - but we'd have to give up something else for a while...like eating for instance.

As the 6 month mark of the wedding countdown comes and goes, we are no closer to a Wii then were were when they first came out. I begin to realize I'm less "in shape" then I am becoming "a shape". I start to worry that my dress, which will add 10 pounds easy due to all the tulle, may make me look like Jabba the Hut.

So I start talking to Mr S about this elliptical at Wally World that was only about $200 and how I could really use it, can we afford it, can we get it, I'll pay for it myself. This went on for a few weeks. We know money is tight right now, and though he's willing to whip out a credit card for it, I want to find the money in cash so we're not anymore in debt then we already are.

The suddenly *poof* an epiphany! A glorious brilliant thought!

I approach him with the details - what if that money we don't really have for the Nintendo Wii goes toward the elliptical? What if we just skip the video game console, buy it later or even register for it (perfect gift for his brother to get us! I must drop the hint! LOL) and get in shape together before the wedding?

He thinks thats a good idea. And we're off to Wally World to get it.

Though the exact one I wanted for $200 wasn't there anymore, so we went with the Golds Gym Stride Trainer for $268.00 and propped it right in front of the tv, so I can torture myself with exercise while being entertained by my favorite CSI team! It couldn't get any better then that!! At least it's keeping me motivated and that's all that really matters!

So what are you all doing to keep in shape for your big day? Anything you found taht works you care to share with me and all the lurkers out there?