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Sunday, February 24, 2008

(Un) Organized

I normally pride myself on being organized. I don't know why - because really I'm not all that organized, if I were to have to label it I would have to say that I am organized in a "chaos theory" kinda way.

I picked apart Amazon.com looking for the perfect wedding planner about 5 months ago. (See photo to left) When I got it, I loved it and I filled it quickly with everything. Pictures, receipts and ideas, names numbers - you name it. It went EVERYWHERE with me. A few months later. I banned this planner to my desk after an important receipt was left behind at my cabin.

So then I turned to my mini filing cabinet, where I've put all the other receipts and info, pamphlets, and so on. But then I realized that, you know I can't really take this anywhere with me. I mean; I can, but it's rather bulky and I'm not up on starting the new "cabinet purse" trend. Yes it's helpful, it's rather cute as well with is pink top matching my wedding colors, but still it's slowly becoming the second hand man to a wedding planner - but where would I find one just as I wanted it? And with only 6 months to go was it necessary to have one?

So the other day while walking though Target I came across a new organizer. A sturdy grey, 3-ring binder with room for everything. I picked it up and fumbled through, in awe. I placed it back on the shelf turning temptation down. The binder called to me from 10 isles away, and trust me I went back again playing devil advocate on spending the extra $17, but still walked away again.

Not too long after the fateful meeting of me and said-binder at Target, I spoke with my contact at the country club and she reminded me of the date and time for my tasting. She then asked me to bring "my book" with me when we came so she could get the vendor info she would need for the wedding day. My Book? She said it as if she expected me to have one, that every bride on the planet has one and I will not really be apart of this club if I don't have one and bring it with me.

At least this is what I have been telling myself in hopes of talking myself into buy a new planner. I go back and forth, on one hand I can e-mail her the info really easily, however think of how trendy and on top of things I will look walking in with "my book".

I will never really need this info again, however think of the keepsake value!?

In the end I have only 5 days to my tasting so I'd better make my mind up fast on weather or not I need this item as much as I think I do. And before you throw out there the "Oh it's just $17" let me remind you that we're over budget as is, have a mortgage and a 3 year old. It's never just $17!