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Friday, February 15, 2008

I've Got The Shoe Blues

Planning a wedding is detailed and time consuming. However I did not think that the one thing I would spend the majority of my time looking for - would be shoes.

And not even shoes for me, no no no. Shoes for my tallest bridesmaid MJ.

I admit, the need to continue looking is my fault. I'm trying very hard to find something totally affordable but at the same time open toed, dressy-ish, black and FLAT! Totally 100% flat. Okay maybe a small 1/2 or even at most 1 inch lift. But none the less - F-L-A-T flat!

I've tried to get her to chop off her feet, she won't comply. I decided not to flex the bride-zilla arm on that one. I guess a line has to be drawn somewhere, hehehe.

So here's why were having such a tough time. I really don't care that she's tall. I mean come on, what can I do about it? But the dress shop doesn't do "extra length", instead they bring you up a dress size. Well MJ had to go up 2 dress sizes just to get enough length and we're worried that if we give her more then the 1/2 or 1 inch lift, the dress will appear too short and because it's a ball gown...look utterly dumb.

I've ordered the other girls shoes from www.6pm.com Highly suggested for anyone looking for designer shoes are non-designer prices! I was going shoe ga-ga on this site!

My other maids are wearing RSVP shoe in Kyra. Price = $14.70 with out shipping. It's a 2 1/2 heel which is still a bit high I think as we are walking down the isle on an incline and I don't need anyone falling on the way down. Though funny, not good for them at all!

MJ's shoes allude us still. We've gone to every site on line we could find. Plus we checked Payless, Target, Wal-Mart even!

I've tried convincing myself that non-open-toed ballet flats would be ok, but I can't do it. Then I thought that maybe the peep-toe kind would be alright but I really can't stand that one or two random toes peeking out - looks awkward...

We've given up a bit for now, taken a break and hope that something will come to us. Because if not, I'm buying black shoe polish and painting her feet!


Aleta said...

What about a pair of black flip-flops? I mean the dress is long, and they are flat, and it seems like you wanted something strappy... I always get compliments when I wear these http://www.teva.com/ProductDetails.aspx?g=w&categoryID=38&productID=6840&model=Olowahu

hwong14 said...

Did you ever find shoes? If not, I found these at Target:





Amber said...

Yep I sure did! :-) Thank you.