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Monday, February 11, 2008

EXTRA EXTRA! This Just In, USPS Causes Nervous Breakdown Among Young Brides..

Does the Post Office not understand how delicate a balance the stamp on your wedding invitation really is? Why must they continue to change postage 4 times a year? Why don't they just jack the price once, the total amount they will in those 4 times and leave it at that.

I have enough to do, and now on top of it all I have to figure out what to do before this monstrosity of a one cent stamp invades the beauty of my RSVP envelope and main invitation envelope.

I mean it's not even ok, it's not even reasonable - it's just plain....ugly. I don't care if thats a Tiffany Lamp on it, unless the thing is made BY Tiffany it ain't touching my precious pink invitation carriers with it's mean sticky backing!

I swear they have some horrible little old man who lives in a dungeon of a room who reaches into a basket of muck and worms and pulls out the new design as randomly as a Secret Santa drawing in Hell.

What have I done to you, Oh USPS to deserve this horrible fate?

And you know Mr S. just doesn't get it. I explained this to him in the most dramatic way possible and his reaction was "So? It's only like $2 more in stamps?"

Does no one feel my pain!?



Anonymous said...

isn't that image from weddingbee?

Amber said...

Well the stamp is from the USPS website - but the circle around it was from a blog on Wedding Bee - but it's not copyrighted and normally I do thank who I got the photo from if it wasn't from me, even when it's not copyrighted. I just forgot this time. So thanks WB for the pic! :-)

Angel said...

Yeah, I bought some super cool wooden boat stamps for my guy at Christmas..errrr.

What really bugs me is that my city's post office is small, and everyone's trying to use it. So, even if I was okay with getting 1cent stamps, I'd have to wait in line for 1/2 hour to do it. Hey, Mr. Postman...I work!