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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What do you mean Charm City Cakes doens't deliver to Minnesota?!

If anyone has seen Ace of Cakes on the Food Network, you'll know that Charm City Cakes owned and operated by Duff Goldmen in Baltimore MD, is quite possibly to coolest place on the planet to have a wedding, birthday or any cake for that matter made. You want a big pink roller skate...you can have it. A life size replica of an acoustic guitar, you got it! A gigantic , edible Cannon Camera for the photographer in the family, they say "Hey, no problem!". What about a realistic bucket of paint for that hard working man of yours? They say "Bring it on!"

With all the possibilities, the dedication and talent of the people employed by CCC it's not too hard to see why, when we started looking at wedding cakes I fist went to their web site to see if they delivered to Minnesota. I knew I was setting my self up for utter disappointment - what are the chances that they would deliver half way across the country? And I was right, unless I wanted to drive out there to get it myself, which they very highly suggest against for cakes do not travel well, I was not going to have a Duff Goldmen creation at my wedding.

I was not deterred yet however, I mean where there is one genius of fondant there had to be more, right? I began to scour the Twin Cities for a mid - western version of Duff and his crew. I called very place in the phone book, checked the internet, and nothing. I mean nothing.

Sure, I could find a million places that would fill my every desire of an over the top wedding cake, but if I wanted some kind of personalized grooms cake, there was no way. No one would step outside the cake pan.

After writing the grooms cake option out of the budget and setting out to find something else to surprise my future husband with the day of the wedding, I stumbled across a web site that suddenly filled all my cake dreams and desires. Miss Sara's Cakery located in Hastings Minnesota. And they will deliver! I looked over the web site, all the while wondering how this slipped past me before, saddened that I no longer required a grooms cake. Yet I still decided needed more cake, and proceeded to discuss the possibility of placing an order with her.

I won't disclose why or for what occasion Miss Sara will be baking me up some cakey goodness so as not to ruin the surprise for who it may be for. I am planning several parties for family members and wedding related items before Augugst next year...it could be for anyone. I will be sure to tell you how it turns out when I get it. What I can tell you right now is that based on the web site shots and the several e-mails I've exchanged with her, should the cake be anywhere near as great as her personality and her samples....I have nothing to worry about and the recipient will be tickled pink!

top right photo from www.charmcitycakes.com. Bottom left photo from of www.misssarascakery.com