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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Me and my "Buds"

When I thought about my wedding day flowers, I certainly wasn't the type of girl who envisioned every inch of the chapel dripping with baby's breath, rose buds and greenery. Or that I would carry down one those obnoxiously long and flowing bouquets that look like ivy over grown on an old building. In fact, to be honest if there wasn't a flower in my whole wedding, I'd make it through with out ending up on a therapists couch.

Of course the thought arose in my skattered brain one day, should I have no flowers, then what exactly would I carry down the aisle with me? I mean let's just be honest here, it would be rather awkward looking for me to walk down carrying nothing at all. A basket? Filled with what, flowers? Candy to toss to the adoring crowd? I think not.

So I ended up searching the internet for the perfect bouquet, nothing too frilly or over the top. A few things that it must be - beautiful, simple and filled with NOT RED roses. Aside from the simple fact that I'm not even having a red wedding, or red as an accent color, I despise red roses. It's a personal thing, they remind me of funerals - weird I know since they represent love. It's just a thing, I deal with it. You should too.

On my journey down the internet super highway here's a few of the bouquets that made me happy God made flowers.

I met with my florist in November and explained that I simply wanted roses in 2 shades of pink and white, with some "bling" (the new added theme to my wedding) I was really happy to hear that the price of my bouquet would only be $70 - I was told that all roses was going to break the bank, though I found it odd as they are so common and seem to be around all year with little to no issue.

The florist showed us her hand tie's which I wasn't too thrilled with - think tulle fabric ribbon wrapped sloppily around the stems...I will be providing her with both the photo in the bottom right corner for my hand tie (minus the black ribbons...thats wee too much) and the ribbon to do it. She said she can and will do it but rattled off some excuse of not being able to stick them in water because the ribbon wouldn't dry or something. After some simple research I realized that hand tied bouquets require being tied the day of or day before and refrigerated, not placed in water. Something that I'm pretty sure she knows.

Regardless of her lack of wanting to hand tie my bouquet with out some resistance, I fully trust her as does my future mother in law, who's used her for 2 other weddings that both came out beautifully. I can't wait to have a photo of my actual flowers, but that's still roughly 7 months away.


jessica lynn said...

cute flowers! make sure to check out www.stoneblossom.com for a-mazing floral arrangements!

hwong14 said...

Once the florist ties the ribbon around the bouquet, it can still be put in a vase of water overnight/the day of the wedding. Just make sure it's only like an inch or two of water. The ribbon will soak up some, but just be sure to have a spare hand towel with you before the ceremony to dry off the excess -- and the rest will dry out quickly!