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Thursday, January 3, 2008

London, in Minnesota?

I was going back and forth through my space with a friend of mine today when she mentioned that she had a vintage double decker London bus as her wedding transportation. Although her experience wasn't that great (bus broke down, got stuck at a creepy bus stop....) I'm still determined to have one.

This poses a problem as I've already booked my limo for that day, but I'm really hoping that since I haven't sent in the signed contract that I may be able to get out of it with out a fee.

The double decker bus would be so much cooler for pictures, and come on - how many people do you know who've left their wedding via the London bus.....while in Minnesota?

On top of all that the bus holds 62 people - and that would certainly solve the "Will we fit the whole wedding party in the limo" issue. I was going to have to leave behind a personal attendant and the junior brides maid and groomsmen just to use the 14 passenger SUV limo I was planning to book. How sad for the Jr BM and GM, all the work none of the fun.

I think that even if we we have to pay a small fee to cancel the other limo service we will still go with the bus - I mean just look at it.... it's so cool!

I keep thinking about another gal I knew who had a vintage fire truck at her wedding, because he husband was fireman - and the pictures we're soo cool!!!

I think the photographer in me is really coming out more and more with this one. Everyone has limo pictures - no one I know has London Double Decker Bus pictures :-) Yippie! I can't wait to talk to the bus company tomorrow!!!