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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The new and imporoved "The One" Invite

My beautiful invite, which I declared "The One" has been modified and bumped off the top of the list...LOL. I just couldn't stop tweaking it and making it better!

The general lay out is the same, I just changed the pocketfold inserts to all white and made the flourish on the right connect, so it looks like one fluid photo no matter if all or 1 of the cards in in it's place. I also, with the help of my awesome cousin tracked down a font I REALLY had to have, and changed that a bit.

NOW - it's "The One" - in it's "mock" version, as I'm waiting on the Stardream paper to arrive as well as all the envelopes. And as my printer has a hissy fit every 10 minutes (not unlike me) the print job looks a little crappy - but you get the idea!


hwong14 said...

I finally have a free moment to go through all your old posts, and I think it's AMAZING that you got the flourishes in the top right corner to all line up! I'm excited to see if this really ended up being the final final final version :)

Leanne said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I ADORE your invitations! I'm creating our invitations for a July 4th wedding this summer. I'm using Photoshop and would love to use swirls like yours. Where did you get them? Our colors are different, but I'd love to steal your swirl idea if that's possible! I am reading your blog from the beginning in hopes to get lots of inspiration! :-)