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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Thank You Card


I managed to get the thank you cards made and ordered. I was waiting on a few shots from my photographer, who's totally swamped with work right now - so I'm just happy to have them done and to have such a great photographer to go along with my insane requests.

The wording on the card reads:

"A loving note can barely express how you have added to our happiness.
We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your thoughts, your prayers, your wonderful gifts and your presence in our lives.
The Sweeneys"

I'm beginning to make holiday cards already so let me know if you need anything! I charge $35 per photo card design. E-mail me for details and with questions!


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

Very nice! I'm sorry if you've touched on this already and i missed it, but is it OK to not send out personalized notes (even though they all say the same darn thing)? Are you adding a personal note as well? I would love to do something like this. My handwriting is awful and it takes forever.

Amber said...

I find that etiquette works for me on certain levels. For instance I wouldn't invite a guest along to a wedding who wasn't on the invite, but I will send the same thank you to everyone.

My feeling is that, while there a some things that will and should never change in the world of etiquette others have to and have been changing with the times. Photo cards are not as impersonal as maybe they once were, especially with a loving note on them.

I will write out a little note if it's needed or I want to add a special something to their card. But all in all, as I am in the photo card business I have noticed people are just excited to get photos from the wedding on a professional level. Something only family and close friends maybe got not so long back.

Jamie said...

I agree! I hope to see more things like this in the future. I haven't seen it done before, and this is a good inspiration to go for it!

Amber said...

Well remember I'm a graphic designer so if you are ever in never - just send me an e-mail!

hwong14 said...


Ginger Bride said...

I tagged you in my blog today! www.gingerbride.blogspot.com

Congrats on your wedding! Post more pics!

Amber said...

thanks! I really appreciate it! I will post more tomorrow - today got away from me before I knew what happened. Thanks for coming back and reading!! Become a follower!