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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Come and Gone

Wow - it went by SO fast! I rmember the end of the night coming and having our last dance and wondering where the night went. It was the most amazing wedding, the most perfect day I have ever asked for!

My favorite part of the reception was my Father in Law requesting a song called "Welcome to Our World" and being surrounded by all his family and friends - singing along. I cried and cried!

It's not to say that the slideshow my aunt made wasn't to the most perfect and loved filled gift I could have ever gotten, or the dances with my 2 fathers were not beautiful amazing moments either...

I don't have any of the pro pics yet obviously but here's a few from through out the day...Enjoy!

My Step Mother, Myself, my Mom and my Mother In Law
My Beautiful Daughter, my Flower Girl

The Tables All Set to Go

My Bridesmaids

First Dance

Cake Fight!

I will get up more as soon as I can. Tomorrow I am spending time with my daughter before we leave on the 26th at 7 am for our Honeymoon! I'm taking the lap top and will get up photos possibly while there as well!!!


Becca and Cory said...

You look beautiful! Congrats!

hbowar said...

You looked stunning! Congrats!

sdave001 said...

Some photos for you:


Miss Shortcake said...

congratulations hon!

一个男人的成长经历 said...