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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dress Fitting #2

My bridesmaid MJ and I had our appointments right after each other, simply by luck! It was a blast going with her, and made picking out my necklace and headpiece much easier because she's always very honest and I knew if something looked like crap, no matter how much I liked it she would tell me.

I did have to have another minor adjustment done to the dress, and buy a new crinoline to keep me from tripping over the front end of the dress. It's actually a two-fer because not only does it keep me from tripping over myself, it's also much more airy - and given how much material is in my dress, I need that! :-)

Here's some shots from the fitting - we had a blast!

Front and back with the veil

And with it bustled

I realized that I didn't try to sit ever in the dress, and as it turns out - I'm not all that good at it!
My Bridesmaid MJ and I

And here's my accessories! I went with pearls (mostly). I'm really excited because FMIL is letting me borrow her diamond and pearl earings she got as a gift on her 30th wedding anniversary. So I'm taking form thsoe and adding: (pictures from www.davidsbridal.com)


Bracelet (with white pearls)

As for the headpiece I'll have to get that later, they don't have it on the site. It's a headband and I'm not getting good pictures with my camera...:-( It's all crystals though, so I think I have a good combo of the pearls and the crystals. I have 11 gals at the shop helping me, and I'm happy with it - which is all that matters.


CaliOC said...

I just did my final fitting today! It fits perfect. I will post pictures later. I have a busy week -- it is final exam week for my master's - after that I will have a lot more time to blog. I think your dress is lovely -- like a ballerina!

Jenna said...

It really shows that you love your dress! I love the shot of you trying to sit down in it!

sheri said...

Is that how you're planning to wear your hair? half up half down liek that? If so, that looks great with that dress, if you haven't yet...well that type of hairdo looks great with that dress! LOL