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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Programs - Take One!

I spent the majority of last night working on the programs. My eye balls hurt and I pretty much hate Photo Shop now. But after some cutting, printing, adjusting and ribbon cutting I came up with this:

(Never mind the wrinkled monogram on top, I used the wrong glue but it worked to get the general idea.)

The program is really simple to make and was really quiet inexpensive, when all is said and done each one will cost roughly .70 or less!


  • I bought black linen card stock in 8.5x11 size, and folded it in half. That made the outer portion of the program.
  • Next, though the sample is on regular printer paper, I ordered metallic text paper for the inside. I cut those pieces after they were printed, to 8x10.5 - just a half an inch smaller on the inside so that the edges didn't hang out when assembled.
  • The ribbon in the sample is Light Pink 5/8 doubles sided satin from Michaels Craft Store, I paid $3.99 for 5 yards, and it's a huge rip off so I searched the net and found Favor Frenzy had some, but not in my color - so I popped over to Ribbon Retreat for Pink in 100 yard spool for about $10 or so. I suggest 3/8 ribbon - I used 5/8 and find that it's much too big and the program likes to stay open because of it. (Check Favor Frenzy first as their prices are cheaper)
  • I picked up a 2 inch reach hole punch by Punchline (McGill Inc.) at Michaels, and found that the hole size was a bit big so I will be going back to get a 3/16 hole instead of the 1/4 I'm used for the sample.
  • The pink backing to the monogram on the top is from scrap from my invites. The monogram will be printed on the same white metallic paper as the inside.


Cut the ribbon in 1 yard pieces, this will give you enough to comfortably tie the bow, and trim off edges to make the ends nice and crisp.

I punched the hole on the black outer part first. I simply put the 2 inch reach punch as far as it would go and punched once on the top and once from the bottom. Directly on the crease of the fold!

The after I printed and cut and folded the inner part, I laid it inside the black outer piece where it should sit, flipped it over and used a pen to mark through the holes where to punch on it. It's a putsy process but it worked like a charm every time.

* Let me know if you have any questions about how I made them or anything! They are still in the "mock up" stage but as soon as my product arrives I'm going full force on them!!!


GetMarried4Less said...

hi! thanks for these tips!

i know i'll be diy-ing our programs and fell smitten for some cd cover sized booklets...yet the work involved seems daunting. i am happy to see that it looks like i could simplify the original with some of your steps!


did you have a difficult time getting the card stock to fold with with a clean edge?

how many times did you loop the ribbon thru your holes?....looks like you did it more than once.

where did u order your paper from? i am planning on ordering my paper from PaperandMore.com. Do u have any experience with them?

could u answer at my blog, or pm me on weddingbee? tia!

SC said...

Wow. That's all I can say. I've seen invites this elaborate, but these are easily the most beautiful programs I have ever seen. Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

http://www.save-on-crafts.com/sari3sf100yd.html has some cheap ribbon.

Anonymous said...

did you use one sheet of paper on the inside and printed on both sides of it, or did you use two sheets of paper for the inside? either way, nice work!

Amber said...

I used one piece and will be printing it on both sides. I'm letting Mr S line it all up and make it print right. That is one thing that I won't do it will drive me nuts! LOL

PS - Thanks SC for the compliments! It made my day!!

Cassandra said...

These are great! Do you have a template for the printed inside pages? I love them!!!

Amber said...

Do you know how to work Photo Shop? If so I'm happy to share my lay out as it is :-)

Caroline said...

I would also love the template for the inside pages. I am familiar with Photoshop.

Amber said...

Caroline and cassandra - I tired to reach you via your blogger pages, but both are private. Please let me know a way to reach you about the photoshop template for programs.

Taais said...


These are just great!! I just have one question about which glue you used in the end to not get the wrinkled affect for the monogram on the front cover? I am afraid that if I try to do this the paper will buckle and end up looking like a 4th grade arts and crafts project.

Please help!!!!


Amber said...

You don't want to use "glue" on any of these paper projects because it will give you that wrinkled look -

GO for a PERMANENT adhesive like Power Bond by Tombo Mono. It's those hand held little things that let you run the tape on it.

You can find it at any craft store and even at Target and such though it can get spendy there.

Esqueletal said...

I love the font you used!
Can you tell me what it's called and where to get it?

Amber said...

Sure thing! It's called Feel Script and it's found on www.veer.com - I must warn you it's not a free font, it is $100, but well worth it.

Another note about it, it's an Open Type font, meaning you can change the way letter connect and what not - something I had a lot of fun playing with while making the invites and programs!

Esqueletal said...

mannn! i couldn't fathom paying 100 bucks for a font on my program! bummer. :( thank you, though!!

Esqueletal said...

Sorry to ask more questions but, what font did you use on your title page and for the inside wording?

Esqueletal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amber said...

No worries! I woulnd't post it if I didn't want people to ask about it -

The font is Feel Script by veer, same as the one I used on teh front of it and in my invites.

The plain font is also from my invites (I themed everything together, like anyone will notice and say "Hey her fonts match") is Bell MT but I typed in all capital letters.

Bell MT either comes with most Word programs or you can get it free by bopping around the internet, Fell on the other hand is $99 on www.veer.com, any of the pirated "free" versions have either been viruses or not complete sets - not that suggest you look for something free - that would be illegal and wrong for my to blog about.

N said...

Wow, this is exactly what I am looking for! Would you mind sending me the template? You can email me at gingerbread @ weddingbee dot com. Thanks so much :)

Miss GB

court said...

Hi Amber

i was searching the web for wedding program templates and came across your page. your design is gorgeous. i was wondering if you would be willing to share your template. i am having the worst time with indesign.

my e-mail is cjcmf131@yahoo.com