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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dressing the Junior Bridesmaid

After several weeks of planning, I got my 6 year old sister into the bridal shop to try on some dresses.

I called ahead and discuess with them the fact my little sister, wasn't as little as most and that I didn't want this to be an issue or discussed in front of her. (This turned out to be no problem at all as the girl assigned to help us wasn't around at all, and we had to track her down just to check out, which was very much not like the other experiences I'd had here in the past)

I went in with a dress in mind: (see right)

It matched the bridesmaids perfectly and was really cute. Not to mention that my sister actually liked it, which is a plus!

Now my sister, who is 6 by the way is about a 10/12 in kids sizes. So I figured that a 14 would suffice for her in the dress. I grab it myself (as I mentioned before....the girl supposed to be helping M.I.A!) and brought it to her room. The sample was in a hideous BRIGHT orange that looked like something Rainbow Brigt might dress a bridesmaid in, and the look on my sisters face was "I am not wearing that thing!"

I quickly explained that it would be black and to just put ion for size.

It didn't fit.

I grabbed the 16 and the 18, in both that dress and another tea length with elastic on the back! They didn't fit either.

I had now exhausted all my Jr Bridesmaids options and was not forced to go into a Bridesmaids dress. Helper girl, who is still M.I.A is finally tracked down, doing nothing outside a dressing room for a bride who clearly didn't need her help. I explain the situation and she runs off, coming back what seemed like hours later with another dress choice in a size 2 adults.

Figuring this HAS to fit I ask my sister to put it on. Annnnnddddd - Won't zip.

We're off to the 4, the 6 and then to the 8. I'm frustrated for my sister at this point and trying not to show it. Though my step dad keeps commenting on how the zippers are junk, which they kinda are.

The 8 zipped, and fit but we had an issue: No straps and she was obviously not going to fit into this dress 3 months from now if she grew an inch. So I talk to the seamstress and we decide on a 10, and they will add straps in from the left over hem.

The neat thing is, though the dress (see left) is a tea length on an adult - it's a perfect floor length for my sister. And it doesn't look frumpy or anything because she had to go up to adult sizes. She felt good in the dress, and that's all I care about.

I let her choose weather she wanted a pink or black dress, and she wanted pink - so thats what she got. I think it will compliment my bridesmaids black dresses nicely and plan to incorporate that pink into my daughter flower girl dress as well.

Now I just have to find a fluffy huge beautiful dress for my daughter with a pink accent in it - which I haven't been able to track down as of yet... One down, one last one to go!