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Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's A Small World After All

Not long ago on my Wedding Bee board I got a PM (private message) from a gal named Loves-A-Limey exited to find out that I was marrying into and British family as she was as well. She was happy she now had someone to chat with using some British Lingo, who would actually know what she was saying. *Hehe*

We sent notes back and forth until finally I asked where her fiance was from. I noted that Mr S was from a town called Finchampstead and his first name was Alex.

A few moments later I received an e-mail back with so many explanation mark in it, I about had a seizure just looking at it!

Loves-A-Limey was floored to hear what I said because her fiance's first name was Alex as well, and as if that wasn't weird enough he was also from the same town in England - Finchampstead!

I sat a moment looking at my computer screen half jokenly wanting to call Mr S and ask if he was having an affair, and partially just numb from pure shock.

First we cleared up the obvious right away....that we weren't in fact trying to marry the same man. *Phew!* We were good!

Then we started making phone calls to our fiance's, and their families, trying to figure out if they new each other. My side knew the name and street he lived on lived in but couldn't place his face.
He was the same age as my soon to be sister - in - law, so we figure they ought to have known each other. Both of them are pretty sure they could have had a rather nice snogging session (there's that British lingo you may not understand: snog = make out) but he couldn't be sure of it, I mean it's been over a decade for sure since then! My soon to be sister in law of course retorted with "Well if he snoged me, he'd damn well remember it!" *haha*

Our two guys happened to live with in miles of each other most of their lives, before moving to America. They now live about 4 states apart, in the same country again. Not only do they share the same first name, but also an extraordinary taste in American woman. *wink wink* Who both ended up on the same message board because they are getting married about the same time!

Everybody SING! "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all....."

And to just clear this up now....my English boy does not have his accent anymore but Loves A Limeys does ;-)


Loves-a-Limey said...

You're so cute to blog about this!

For the record, missy, I PM'ed you because you posted a picture of your placecards, worrying about the font -- and I figured we had a connection when the table name was Finchamsted!

Still, I agree: exceptional taste in women. :)