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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Brilliant Penguin

Miss Penguin, that is.

Oh yes, another Wedding Bee Wonder! *Sigh* I am in awe of the woman on this board. They must be channeling Martha or something because, really I'm pretty creative and lately I require a helmet to even think hard.

I am not ashamed to say I will steal their ideas and sprinkle them around my wedding reception!
However my upbringing will completely stop me from being able to take full credit for them and I know about 300 times at my wedding reception I will be saying things like:

"Oh, my centerpieces? Thank you! Well I got the idea from Mrs Lemon on Wedding Bee....."

"You loved the favors, how sweet! Well you see Miss Penguin did it with.....oh who's Miss Penguin...well..."

My latest love is Miss Penguin's favors, which just happens to be coasters!

Oh I know, how perfect right? I have a box of 156 glass Love coasters, that got voted of the Favor Island a month back to be replaced with cookies. Well I've now started to think of booting the cookies, and bringing back the coasters and giving them the Penguin Treatment.

Once the votes are tallied I'll let you know which contestant will remain on Favor Island. Until then I'm back to my Wedding Bee bloggers, to drool over the little details....