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Friday, March 14, 2008

Get With The Program!

I'm embarking on a new creative journey! The Programs for the wedding. I've actually gone back and forth about weather or not to do them, save the time and the money and skip it all together - I mean who woulnd't know what was going on or who would be getting married...really.

But in the end, the desire to have all things "tradtional" so to speak won, and I'm not starting to lay out my designs.

My program will come from inspiration from 2 other programs I have seen. One, I found on line, a Knotti Bio that I am in love with - props to Jenimac for the next photo:

The Program is an 8.5x11 sheet of cover weight card stock folded in half, the long way. Inside on regular white paper was the information and the whole look is completed with big, elegant ribbon and a monogram on the front.

I plan to use this idea for the outer cover of ours, but instead of a plain inside I'm going to keep going with the Stardream Metallic.

We will have the monogram on the front as well: It will look like this (see right), which is a theme that is carrying through out the whole wedding. I may add in the date at the bottom however, and possibly "All You Need Is Love" which is kinda our mantra in life.

As for the inside, I got the idea from a program I came across while at my PREPARE class at church. They passed around a basket full of programs and told us to take what we wanted for inspiration. The one we really liked was actually printed on Metallic Stardream paper and really suited us as a couple.

It has a photo printed on the it's cover (What will be Page 1, in our program) that is faded out and has a sweet saying along the top.

The Back, which is directly next to to it, has a sweet Thank You to our guests and another photo.

The inside, simple and straight to the point. And east to read - which was a big thing for us. We didn't want an over crowded inside that was hard to make out. Simple, clean lines.
(excuse the image, my scanner either is zooming in on one little corner of the program or cuts off the bottom, I've tried it 40 different ways.)

I'm starting creation today of the inner part - with Photo Shop CS2. When I have something - you'll know!