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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally, Final and Finalized.

Argh! No more! I have been pouring over these pocket fold inserts for days and I am done. The longer I look the more I can find and say "Oh I should move that a bit to the right..." but it's never an easy move, nooooooo it's a "hafta move the whole freakin' set up and realign everything" task.

So after mush deliberation, rearranging and renaming 2 of the cards, and adding some loving touches to all of them - I have the final finalized versions of the pocket fold inserts for my invites.

Tah Dah!

The smallest of the cascading inserts - RSVP. I added in some little animals, because nothing says "fancy dinner" like circling the image of what you intended to eat! I also added in the final food options. (PS - I have changed this up now...moved the "menu selection" tot he left a bit...it was really driving me nuts!)

The middle sized insert is now called Reception & Accommodations. It was simply "Reception" but really, it had like NO info on that was of much use so I moved the hotel info onto this one. Info has been blurred out to keep those crazy people from showing up uninvited....lol

The final insert, is also the biggest: Directions & Information.

I'm limiting the directions I give and instead of over crowding the card, which was my first choice...lol - I have listed my wedding web site for further info.

When all is said and done, they will look a little something like this (minus the black borders I added so you could actually see them on here) in the envelope:

Now if I can just get them printed, we'll be good to go.


Anonymous said...

I love how they all line up! Are you printing them on your computer?

Amber said...

Yes I am, I've done all my printing for the wedding from home. For 2 reasons. #1 - Kinkos and other printing houses won't touch the Metallic Stardream Paper that I am using because with an ink jet printer it can smudge before it dries completely.

And #2 - it's just cheaper, and I will have more control over the out come.

However I should add that for my invites and my programs I will be using an industrial laser printner at my step dads office to lower the chance of smudging.

babagrlshell said...

So yeah, what if I were one of those crazies that wanted to show up?!?!?!
Love the invites- you are sooo creative!

Anonymous said...

didn't you just copy Mrs. Lemon again on the RSVP?

Amber said...

Actually, if you take the time to look back on any of my other blogs about the invites you will see I credit her very frequently for being the inspiration behind them. But thank you for your rude and obnoxious continual posts - I must be doing something right because you keep coming back ;-)

Also - Mrs Lemon is a DIY Blogger, she doesn't post her stuff in hopes no one will ever ever use her wonderful ideas, otherwise I doubt very much she would share her them.

Last - About 85% of Wedding Bee is using her template for RSVPs - check out the posts.

But thanks again for stopping by!