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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stamps for Sale!

Since the post office will not take back my stamps...I have been left with no choice but to sell them to someone mailing out before the price increase on May 1st.

Follow the links to classifieds of my sales, and if you're not a Wedding Bee member and can not PM me on there, feel free to contact me by commenting on this post.

.41 Wedding Heart Stamps 220 for the price of 200

.58 Wedding Heart Stamps 120 for the price of 100

Thanks gals, I should add that I will pay for shipping with insurance on these shipments!


amy s said...

hi, it's late and i can't figure out how to email you about the stamps. shoot me an email to
nunya619 at yahoo dot com. i'll probably take 100 of both stamps. thanks!

Amber said...

.58 Stamps have been sold pending money arrival.

.41's may be sold as well, I'm having a hard time figure out which stamps people want when they e-mail me, because they aren't specifically telling me....lol.

I will let all of you know if they go back on the market.