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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Move over Liberace! There's a new Queen of BLING!

I'm all about the BLING! effect on the wedding. I think the sparkle is going to be really cool and I'm trying to incorporate it in as much of the wedding as possible with out things ending up looking like one of Liberace's Vegas Show outfits.

So far I think I'm safe.

A month or so back my FMIL (come on...what's that stand for?? You keeping up with the blogs? It means: Future Mother In Law) Had this really neat idea to BLING! the centerpieces a bit. So after some searching and trial runs, she chose this: Twinklets Diamond Dust Crystals

Caution: these are actual tiny pieces of crushed glass so be careful when using it and not to place it on things little fingers (or drunken fingers for that matter) will reach for it, curious as to what it feels like.

FMIL too the crystals and added them to the rim of the tallest candle holder in the centerpiece. Here they are all boxed up - finding something to put them in until the wedding was the hardest part for her she said.

And a close up of the centerpiece all done (sans the medium candles) Please never mind the pool table and boxes around it!

The close up is better then the full shot, as it looks more like "snow" then glitter - but I assure you when it's lit the sparkle radiates! It's really cool! Plus with the specks of BLING! in the charger plate the candles sit on, it just adds even more to it! It's just the right amount of BLING!

I can't wait to have it all together so take some real pictures of it!!!