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Friday, February 8, 2008

Cookies and Coasters

Yeah, I don't think they go together either. And this post will show you it's not good to impulse buy wedding items!!!

So over a month or 2 ago I hit up The Knot and find they are having a sale on these really cute, and simple coasters that say "Love" on them. $1.99 for a set of 4, we bought 62 sets with the intent to break them down and give one to each guest.

Awesome, cheap favor coming in at about .50 each guest!

Well, about 3 weeks ago I find this awesome cake lady who's making us square cookies with our monogram on them for the wedding. I thought I'd use them as escort favors to show people to their tables.

Then I changed my mind.

And I though that maybe we could use them as a send off treat at the end of the night with milk. A mid night snack, that is becoming ever so popular at weddings these days.

Then I changed my mind.

Then I thought that maybe we could just leave them out for people to pick up if they wanted, but being worried they may not be found and we'd have a million left over....guess what:

I changed my mind.

Now, okay I can back out of the cookie thing but the deal is I'm so excited about them, I'd rather ditch the coasters more then anything....but being how heavy they are it would be hard to ship them if I sold them on ebay.

So I do what it is I do when I hit a snag, I call on my Hive - my Wedding Bee gals. They brainstormed and came up with the idea of (specifically it was FutureMrs) using the sets of 4 as Bridal Shower Favors, and the cookies for the favor at the wedding.

And this is what I will do, that and keep a couple and give a few away as Bridesmaids gifts in their toats... Something so easy to do, and I couldn't figure it out with out these girls. I'm really considering putting on my program:

"This Wedding brought to you by WeddingBee.com"

My Hive rocks!