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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Seating Chart Board

Walking around Michaels today I found myself wondering where on earth I was going to get a piece of poster board big enough for this seating chart. I would almost need two regular pieces, then you'd see the seam. And I wasn't happy with that idea.

Then it hit me! Photo Matting! They sell it in a standard size of, well I don't know the actual dimensions so we'll just call it "huge". Mr S is outside right now cutting it down to 36 x 24 to fit a old frame I had from 2 x-mas' ago, that when I tried to remove the glass for cleaning, it broke. Luckily I saved it, so I'm going to paint it black....or pink - not sure yet. And then I'll place the chart inside it, with no glass and place it on an easel.

Here's the photoshop layout of how it will look:

4.5 x 6.5 pieces of pink paper as the backing

4 x 6 pieces of white with the names on it

and a ribbon around the top, like my place cards:

With the board cut, I now have to print up the sheets with the names on them and assemble the whole thing. I tell ya, I'm really sick of cutting paper! LOL.