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Saturday, August 2, 2008

How it all started....

OMG it's August! I'm getting married this month! It seems like it came up SO fast! I'm surprisingly calm about it. Yeah, I know know, weird for me huh?

I thought it would be fun to go back to how all this started and tell you the proposal story , and tomorrow we'll look at the engagement pictures I seem to have left out of the bog somehow. So here we go:

Once upon a time, in a land far up north there sat a little cabin in Nisswa Minnesota. Home to many childhood memories for Amber, as the cabin belonged to her family and she spent almost every summer there since birth.

Plopped on the comfy couch, glass of wine in hand and Harry Potter book opened, Amber settled in for some relaxing time while daughter Paige played happily with Mr S. Fire roaring in the massive vaulted cealing room of the main living area, and the loons calling from out on the lake, nothing could have made this night better. Or could it?

Main Living Room At Cabin
Suddenly, with out warning Paige ran over to Amber and shoved a little cherry wood box in between her face and the book. She loudly asked:

"Mommie, will you mare-wee Awex"

Still somewhere at Hogwarts at the moment, Amber was left shocked and totally surprised and fumbled to set down the wine before she spilled it, and close her book.

She said "Yes!" of course which prompted Paige to begin to jump up and down and scream "We're all getting mare-weed!" over and over.

Though Amber had to remind Mr S to not only open the box, but put the ring on her finger it was still the greatest proposal ever!

On a side note completely unknown to Mr S, he had proposed to Amber in the same place that Amber's father proposed to her step mom!