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Monday, August 4, 2008

How Cute!

FMIL got the littles mans suit off eBay today! $20.00! Unbelievable bargain shopper this woman is! Here's the suit! Too cute huh!?

This will be for Connor, my ADORABLE little 2 year old Nephew-To-Be! Here's a picture of Connor (middle) Cameron his brother Cameron who is the Ring Bear, and my daughter Paige who is the Flower Girl. This was taken at Christmas time, hence them in their little jammer jams!

I'm also happy to announce that ALL my guys have their suit orders in. I am so relieved that I could jump up and down. I was really worried that someone would falter on it, especially since 2 are out of state and one is out of the country! But my guys have it going on!!!

Things are coming together so well, I'm so happy!