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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time To Eat!

We recently had our tasting at the venue, and all in all it went pretty well. For havening 4 people there we all agreed on things pretty well.

Here's a run down of what we ate and what we chose.

Here's all 4 plates set up for us on the table. They randomly put a starch and a veggie on each plate so we could sample them all. I was really disappointed in the fact that both plates had to have the same starch and veggie on them. I'm not happy with this and will be contacting them but anyway - for now here's what everything looked like.

All 4 meals before we sampled them.

New York Strip Steak, Pork Chop, Lemon Chicken and Halibut

Our two favorties were the Lemon Chicken which was my choice for the menu:
It will be served with Rice and a veggie medly (like you will see with the next entree)

The second choice, the one Mr S picked. and it shows in the photo exactly as it will be served, with the rice and veggie medley. It's the Halibut I love the presentation of this!

We feel these are 2 great plates for our guests and hopefully I can chat with the Country Club and possibly get them to change up the starch on the plates at least - I can handle the same veggie on each plate but I don't "feel" the rice with chicken for some reason.

So all in all we're doing well - I feel like all the planning up to the 6 month mark was like going up the incline of a roller coaster, kinda slow. Now that we're passed the 6 month mark, it's like we've started screaming down hill at top speed!