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Friday, January 4, 2008

The world revolves around....envelopes!

All my paper goods for making invites are fianlly here. I got the last two boxes via UPS this afternoon. At first I was like, "great now where are we going to put this?" (I was having a rather tough afternoon and I had a headache..) but that soon passed.

I don't know if it was the pretty pink glimmer coming off the Rose Quartz Stardream envelope, or the thought of having an actual perfect mock up ready and in hand finally. Whatever it was, it dragged me off the couch and to my computer. After a few go's at making it prin perfectly on my 6.5 x6.5 envelopes I had a perfect specimen.

Now, as it sits amongst the mess and disarray of my desk, it emits a glow of perfectness untouched by any wedding material I've gotten so far. It looks great with the fancy pants scroll font in rich black on the front. (Thank you cousin Tyler, you da man!) and I have this sudden desire to run to the roof top and scream "I'M GETTING MARRIED!"

As if the ring, the dress, the planning, booking and saving hasn't led me to believe that. One simple pink envelope ripped me out of the business of wedding planning and threw me back into the giddy, fun-ness of it. Don't get me wrong, all those things have made me jump for joy - especially the ring....but now it's more real I think. Now I get involve my guests instead of just tracking down Alex around the house and saying "How about this...." followed by some lengthly description of a wedding idea to which he has always said "Whatever you want hunny"

Insert girlie giggle here **Eeeeeep, I'm getting married!!!**

I need to get back to staring at my envelope now.