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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sniff, Cough Cough, Sneeze

I'm sick. It's horrible, why did I get the flu shot if this was going to happen? Grrrr, I do not heart the medical community right now.

Whats worse, is this head and chest cold seems to be making me a wee bit loopy and unable to concentrate. Well, it's that or the meds I'm taking.

Here's an example of loopy - I'm in a panic about napkins. NAPKINS! I'm looking everywhere for personalized cocktail napkins for the wedding, in a very specific design (because I just can't make anything easy) and for some reason I'm utterly obsessed with this even though there is 6.5 months to the wedding.

Freak much? I know, right?!

I've looked everywhere for the things, and I know I saw them at one point when I didn't need them. Isn't that always the case? Now I can only find them in sets of 100 for an obscene amount for an item that will wipe and be be tossed. So now the penny pincher in me kicks in and digs deeper and deeper into the Web searching for that one perfect site with my design for that amazing price.

I should just give up and take a nap. Maybe come back when the computer screen isn't a total blur and I can go 5 minutes with out sneezing and running the risk of sprinkling germs all over my sacred computer area.

Okay I'm off - bed time for me!


Monica said...

Have you looked here yet? http://www.foryourparty.com/

We looked at them and I remember thinking that they were reasonably priced. Good luck!