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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Save The Date!

Before I get too far ahead of myself, since I started this blog several months into planning I do want to share with you my Save The Date postcard I made and mailed out in October.

Yeah, I'm getting married in August...I could have waited a bit to send them out but I don't wait well. In fact I try not to wait at all. Hehehe.

I make custom photo cards on the side a business I run mostly by word of mouth but I do have a small website that's not much to look at - www.pinkyellowblue.com.

When it came to my Save The Dates I knew that I was going to design my own. By the wonderfully good graces of my friend and phenomenal photographer Kari Layland, I was able to add the most wonderful element to this card - one of our engagement pictures.

I wanted something rather simple, to the point, and eye catching. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted, I searched the net for ideas, inspiration anything! And in the end, with Photo Shop and me I came up with this:
I had the card printed at Print Pelican something I only suggest because the quality was great and they offered not only good prices, but 5x7 post cards which I couldn't seem to find anywhere else. However on the customer service scale they were a bit annoying. I had 50 people ready to help me, until I had an issue/question in which case I was practically ignored.

Plus, although it's a good shipping procedure - I had to be home to sign for this package when it arrived and as I'm running around some days - getting home with a wiped out 3 year old and finding out I have to go get my package (like I said - can't wait...don't wait well, have to have it now) is annoying. Luckily I was home the second time they delivered.

The fonts are P2P Corinthia, which I had to buy for $20 off of FontFinder.com but was in love with. The other is simply Arial, a standard font on all computers.

Note: These post cards do not qualify for the .26 postcard stamp. I figured this out when I went to the PO to find out postage....after already getting them....I was a bit cheesed to say the least. All this bending over backward to DIY to save money and the post office always bites me in the butt!

In the end I was very happy with the outcome. I would have normally printed these as regular photos, on photo paper from a high quality professional printer and sent them out as photo cards - but wanted to give a new company a shot and have something that didn't require an envelope.

Like what you see? Want the same one? I'll make you a mad deal!

Okay enough self promotion - get back to blogging lady!