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Monday, January 7, 2008

Good bye Dear Friend, you will be missed.

It had to happen, I just didn't realize how sad I'd be when it did. I had to sit down with a very old friend, someone I've know nearly all my life and tell them, "You're no good for me! It's time we took some time apart"

It took me a few days to get ready for the talk, I paced and thought about it. But when the big day came I pulled out the chair at the kitchen table, sat down and looked my friend right in the eye, and I said

"Mr. Salt Shaker, You're just no good for me. And I know, I know, I knoooooow we've had so many good times together. All the trips to Little Italy, swinging through Burger King Court, that week we spent over at Granny Smith Apple Orchard. It's just that you're killing me here, I can't support your bloated needs anymore!"

With that said a tiny sodium filled tear drop ran down his face as I carefully placed him on the highest shelf in the kitchen cupboard. I promised to visit, he knows my dad will never turn him away. And just so he wouldn't be lonely, I talked Mr Pepper Shaker into hanging out with him for awhile.

I thought for sure this news would shatter Mr Salt Shaker, but I showed him a picture of my wedding dress, and told him how little time to the wedding and he said understood, though I could see the sadness reflected of his shiny glass side.

He is so brave to live in a cupboard so high in the kitchen. To take this hit, all alone. There's so much I still wanted him to see, people to meet, for instance my friend Mr Weight Watchers.I don't think those guys have EVER met! It sure would be nice if they could just hang out once or twice! Seriously